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7 x
365 days
Category Annual Plans
Subcategory Bronze Plan
Voucher Type Bundle
Validity 365 days
Total Vouchers 7
Voucher details
Voucher name Qty
Doctor Visit Or Consultation Per Session* x 2
Routine CBC* x 1
Routine Ekg Or Ecg (Electrocardiogram)* x 1
Routine Venipuncture* x 1
Lipid / Cholesterol Panel Test* x 1
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)* x 1
Bronze Plan
Annual Plans
Tier I
Terms & Conditions

Teir 1 Access Level. It can be upgraded for an upgrade fee when checking out from your cart. If you upgrade your plan all the vouchers will be upgraded to that Tier category.  Once the plan is paid in full you can start to share vouchers with your family (spouse, unmarried children under the age of 26) Simply add their name as your dependent and start sharing. Spouse will need to sign consent before adding.

Exclusions And Special Instructions

Vouchers can not be exchanged for any other services. Any additional services recommended by your physician can be purchased separately and redeemed at a THP participating Provider/Facility. (Provider or Facility protocols applies) Plan vouchers expire in 365 days from purchase date. No refunds after purchase fully nor partial.

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