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365 days
Category Laboratory Testing
Subcategory Covid-19 Testing
Voucher Type Single
Validity 365 days
Covid-19 Antibodies Test (IgG)**
Laboratory Testing
Tier I
Terms & Conditions

This Voucher Includes Covid-19 Antibodies (IgG) Blood Test Per Single Session In The Ordering Provider's Office Or At Independent Laboratory Only Within THP'S Network. It Is An Add On Service, Can Be Purchased As A Stand-Alone. A Valid Prescription May Be Required By A Licensed Physician. This Test May Require A Re-evaluation or consultation from the servicing physician before redeeming. Any procedure being upgraded all terms & condition to the upgraded procedure do apply. If the value of the voucher is lower than the Tier purchased you are accepting the lesser value & lose any remaining balance.

*The CPT code,(s) provided are property of AMA and are to be used for reference purpose only. They may change at any given time without notice and THP is not responsible for accuracy. Multiple CPT codes listed may be irrelevant in some or all circumstances.

Exclusions And Special Instructions

Exclude All Other Blood Tests. Must Check Availability And Follow Scheduling Requirements Of A Participating THP Provider/Facility Before Purchase. A Specimen collection fee may be applied if test is not collected within a THP Provider/Facility TERMS USED BUT NOT DEFINED HEREIN SHALL HAVE THE RESPECTIVE MEANINGS GIVEN TO THEM IN THP’S TERMS & CONDITIONS FOUND ON

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