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Are you one of those who are frustrated by paying part or full healthcare premiums out of each paycheck and are still liable to pay copays, deductibles, and out of pocket cost. Perhaps your one of those who are putting off medical care because of financial fear? Transparent Health Plan is the common-sense solution to uncertain medical expenses. Our system is simple and straight forward with no hidden fees or worries about unexpected bills to lose sleepover. That is why it is called transparent.

What we have done is developed a network of health care and medical service providers and then negotiated set prices for their services. Physicians, imaging centers, medical laboratories, and others in the medical field are always willing to offer better prices for cash customers because they save money by not having to process insurance claims and deal with billing themselves. They are also happy to partner with organizations that can increase their client base without increasing their liability. Our network offers them both of these advantages and then leverages them to provide savings to you. In some cases, by as much as 50 percent of their usual fees.

The way it works is, as outlined above, we negotiate set prices for services with top medical providers. We then offer these services to you in the form of vouchers that our members buy through our website. For instance when you need an X-ray or blood work or any other service, simply purchase the appropriate voucher from our website, use it at any suitable medical service provider in our network and receive the care you need with no copays, no coinsurance, no deductibles and no bills arriving in the mail. Vouchers can be purchased individually or in yearly packages to suit your needs.

Take the mystery out of medical expenses, save some of your hard-earned money, and provide quality health care to yourself and your family. Join the Transparent Health Plan where medical costs are completely transparent. All you pay is the cost of the voucher with no variance from one provider to the next. Who you choose, from our network, is your choice. We have already locked in the price for you.

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